Combo LightCore

Combo LightCore

The Combo LightCore tables are lightest weight portable tables made from 1/2 rigid LightCore (rear or front) and half flexible super comfy mesh models like the Atmosphere, Mini Me, Compact etc'. The Combo LightCore models are super rigid and stiff on one side (Rear or front) and super comfy, flexible and deluxe on the other side (rear or front), Designed especially for practitioners like Chiropractors, Osteo's and other similar styles who also use other modalities in which a softer more comfy and relaxing bee is needed. 

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Combo LightCore 60cm, 6.8kg Production 1-2 weeks

Combo LightCore 60cm, 6.8kg

About this Model: The Combo LightCore 60cm, 6.8kg is the lightest weight portable table of it's..

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