Chiro LightCore

Chiro LightCore

LightCore is a state of the art super rigid lightest weight massage tables from 5kg, made especially for Chiropractors, Osteopaths and any similar style practitioner who need the lightest weight massage table possible that is also very rigid firm and strong. Unlike most our mesh base table  (the Atmosphere for example) which are all made with tightly stretched Nylon surface underneath the foam that has some flex in it - the LightCore tables are rigid yet still the same weight. Made with super lightweight and stiff composite panel core of expended rigid foam moulded to shape in a hand made process (similar to the way surf boards are made) with epoxy and strong lightweight carbon fibre and other fabrics that results in extremely stiff, thick and rigid top frame surface between 20-30mm thick and topped with relatively thinner then standard tables, soft layer foam between 20-30mm. Basically 50mm Composite/foam combination (see options). The table looks very much like the Atmosphere standard 50mm thick tables but inside the thickness is mostly taken by the composite rigid core and less soft foam. The face hole shaped mould however is especially designed to allow soft foam all the way through for maximum comfort where it's mostly needed. All models Included with the superior UltraThane upholstery system worth $132, no extra charge for the low height legs option worth $80 and also free brushed aluminium legs option worth $66

More products will be loaded soon but in general we can make almost any portable model we make with the lightCore structure so just ask 

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Chiro LightCore 60cm, 6.8kg Production 6 - 7 days

Chiro LightCore 60cm, 6.8kg

About this Model: LightCore 60, 6.8kg is a state of the art super rigid lightweight massage tab..

Ex Tax: $1,270.00
Chiro LightCore 68cm, 7kg New Production 1-2 weeks

Chiro LightCore 68cm, 7kg

About this Model: Chiro LightCore 68, 7kg is a state of the art super rigid lightweight massage..

Ex Tax: $1,360.00
Chiro LightCore Compact 5.4kg New Production 6 - 7 days

Chiro LightCore Compact 5.4kg

About this Model: Chiro LightCore Compact 5.4kg is a state of the art Compact super rigid ..

Ex Tax: $1,270.00