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Yoga-Matt surface tables

Similar to Yoga matt we use EVA high quality closed cell foam 10mm thick surface for this range. The lightest and most compact table we make and on the market. From only 4.8kg and suitcase size. No vinyl so great for rough conditions like hiking and traveling. Can be taken on board flights due to small size and weight. Also, suitable for modalities where rigid thin foam is better

 Please note - Weight can change depends on the batch of aluminium and foam which can be different. The weight we advertise for each model is the average weight of that model. Meaning sometimes it can be up to + - 10% lighter or heavier but mostly close to that weight

Brand: Meridian Tables Model: YM-C
About this Model: Yoga matt closed cell foam 10mm thick surface no vinyl Compact Table Mesh Base. Only 4.8kg, Fold like little suitcase great for hiking and rough conditions. Great for traveling  Specifications: Weight: 4.8kg Strength: Tested to carry 1000kg Static weight. ..
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