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Adco Metal Fabrication


  • ADCO metal fabrication is the trading name of our devision that manufacture our equipment. Adco also offer its survices to the public and has been known for more then 20 years in the market specialising in:
  • Screen printing frames - in past years Adco was supplying GJS machiniery, Erorotech, J.W agencies, Peter Leis, Leapfrog and few less known suppliers with daily supply of Aluminium screen printing frames.
  • Man holes frames 
  • General aluminium fabrication and specializing in Tig weldingfile:///Users/jeremyng/Desktop/PS-US-Frames-Rigid2b.jpg


The sections we normally keep in stock are:

  • 25x25x1.6mm Box
  • 32x25x1.2mm Rect'
  • 35x24x1.4mm Rect'
  • 25x25x3mm Box
  • 32x32x1.6mm Box
  • 32x32x3mm Box
  • 40x25x1.6 Rect'
  • 40x25x2.5 Rect'
  • 38x38x1.6mm Box
  • 40x40x2.5 Box
  • 60x40x2mm Rect'
  • 80x40x2mm Rect'
  • 80x40x3mm Rect'
  • 100x50x3mm Rect'

Our turn over is very speedy - normally few days from order.

Located in Kirrawee, Sutherland, South Sydney NSW Australia 2232


Functional Art:

We also specialise in functional art. Here are few examples:

Security door Guitar holder Coffee table