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Changing tables

Portable changing tables for special needs adults and children 

Top quality, lightest weight (from 5kg) portable, adjustable height, super comfy and strong (1000kg capacity) changing tables for adults and children with special needs 

Please note - Weight can change depends on the batch of aluminium and foam which can be different. The weight we advertise for each model is the average weight of that model. Meaning sometimes it can be up to + - 10% lighter or heavier but mostly close to that weight

Brand: Meridian Tables Model: CHN-MINI-EL62
About this Model: Changing Mini EasyLift 62cm, only portable changing table in the world with Easy Lift Legs - height can be easily adjusted whilst person is on top. No need for electricity or any other power source.. 62cm wide, 167cm long and weighing only 8.6kg, for adults and children with s..
Ex Tax:$1,540.00
Brand: Meridian Tables Model: CHN-SUIT-5KG
About this Model: As you might of guessed by the name the Suitcase Light is made to fit into a standard traveling luggage suitcase making it the most compact and lightest weight changing table in the world. Specially designed for the overseas travellers or any situation where the table has to b..
Ex Tax:$1,140.00
Brand: Meridian Tables Model: CHN-62
About this Model: Lightest weight 6.6kg changing table in the world 62cm wide, 167cm long for adults and children with special needs.  Easy and quick to set up and fold away, super comfy and strong 1000kg capacity, comes with standard adjustable height legs 55-80cm (other height ranges ava..
Ex Tax:$1,140.00
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