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Custom made variations of the All in One table. made by meridianTables

Brushed aluminium legs
Production 6 - 7 days
Brand: Meridian Tables Model: BAL
Instead of our standard Gray powder coated finish legs you can now order your table with funky, artistic hand made brushed aluminium legs. Not only it looks fantastic and original it will not show any scratches and surface damages all painted legs incure after years of use. Any scratches will ble..
Ex Tax:$60.00
Roots artistic Massage table
-52 %
Brand: Meridian Tables Model: RAMT
A table I made 15 years ago to show customers who come to our showroom the level of creativity we can custom make them. I called this table the Roots. Growing roots looking structure (all made of aluminium) holding an attractive artistic shape yet functional easy access tabletop.  Very plu..
$2,640.00 $5,500.00
Ex Tax:$2,400.00
All in One Custom Options
Production 6-8 weeks
Brand: Meridian Tables Model: A.I.OCM
About this Page: We can make the A.I.O table in other custom options of widths, types of foam, No side paddind... or any other custom request you might have. Bellow are different options and specifications and remember - the width including side padding is concerning your client's comfort. Not the s..
Ex Tax:$950.00
King Feldenkrais 7.9kg
Production 6-8 weeks
Brand: Meridian Tables Model: KF-82
About this model:  King Feldenkrais - 7.9kg is the ultimate lightweight, extra wide table suitable for any modality that require wide surface and low height legs including Feldenkrais, Rolfing Structural Integration, Thai massage, Somatic.  Made with the mesh base under the foam. If y..
Ex Tax:$1,410.00
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