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COVID 19 protection solutions

Meridian Tables solutions to protect your clients and yourself from catching and spreading the COVID 19 or any other infections 


Good news, our most popular upholstery material the UltraThane Supreme HR

is not only superior in every other aspect compared with other vinyls and materials (skin friendly, Hypoallergenic / Non-irritating, breathable and provide thermal conductivity for maximum patient comfort1kg lighter in weight, oil resistance, super soft and flexible, ... etc') is also CHEMICAL RESISTANT which means you can clean and sterilise it over and over without drying and damaging it like most other vinyls. Simply choose the UltraThane upholstery option on every table you order.

Terry towelling system 

We created a unique, high quality, economic, practical and very easy to use system of terry covers for anyone who does not wish to use disposables. 

  1. Get our tailor made body cover to suit your model. This cover is never exposed to skin contact. It's purpose is to be a tight fit gripping surface so any other towelings you place on top will not move and slide when your clients turn and shift

  2. We suggest that you cut off the face hole sleeve in the body terry cover so you can sterilise the vinyl around the face hole between client

  3. Option 1. Get a pack of face hole terry covers and match their colour with your bath towels. The face hole terry covers have a sleeve that goes inside the face hole and also cover the full width of the table. The 3/4 rest of the table you cover with one bath towel. 

    Option 2. Get a pack of full body Terry plain covers with face hole which will cover the all table and change just one piece between clients. Example shown in Black:


Thanks to our skin friendly chemical resistant upholstery material the UltraThane Supreme HR you can sterilise it as often as you wish without worrying about damaging it like most other vinyls and you can use just disposable to cover it. 

The most economic and easy method is to use the Disposable non woven fitted sheet covers, simply cut an "X" shape where the face hole is (cut it after you place the cover on the table to make sure it's in the exact location).

You can always add the Purifas FaceShield which have a sleeve that goes inside the face hole

 or the Disposable Face Hole Covers (hospital grade paper with plastic backings pre cut with "X" shape) which we don't really like to be honest as the paper does not feel as nice and warm as non woven.

Also you can use the Disposable non woven roll but be a ware it's 60cm wide and may not cover the full width of your table

or you can also use the Disposable sheets 2000x750 non woven if we run out of the fitted sheets with elastic 

For headrest extension tables use our Disposable face cushion covers and Armrest covers

Upholstery cleaner and sterilise 

We recommend you use our BEAUTY.GIENE and mix it 40/60 with methylated spirits (you can easily find in supermarkets and hardware stores)

How to mix:

  • if you get the pre made 500ml ready to use spray option empty bit over 1/2 of it into another container (keep it for later) and fill it up with the methylated spirits.
  • If you get the concentrated 1 litre or the concentrated 5kg, first follow the instruction how to dilute with water (normally 1/20 ratio) into the empty spray bottle 500ml BEAUTY.GIENE and then repeat mixing with the methylated spirits

BEAUTY.GIENE is 100% Biodegradable, 100% Environmentally friendly, non-flammable, non-toxic, non-fuming, non-corrosive, safe on all common surfaces, usable with hard, soft of salt water, safe on paint and acrylic plastic and has no limitation as to frequency of use.

BEAUTY.GIENE is not a soap or detergent based conventional cleaner. Its base is colloidal.  Put simply the term 'colloid' is a word used in chemistry given when very tiny particles of one substance are suspended in another. These tiny particles, which are suspended in water, continually move at random in the water and this is what enables it to clean without the use of ionic surfactants as detergents use. This makes it a highly efficient, safe effective, multi use cleaner.

Use BEAUTY.GIENE with confidence on:

Vinyl Upholstery, Salon equipment & furniture, Sinks, taps, toilets and tiles, Preparation areas, Trolleys, Treatment areas, Floors and walls, Glass surfaces, Wet areas, showers, Vichy showers, Re-usable body wrap blankets and pressure suits, Sauna benches, Steam room surfaces, Spa bath surfaces, Spa systems including pipes and pumps, Pedicure spas, Pedicure and Manicure bowls, Manicure tables, Solariums, Hairdressing sinks and chairs, Salon floors, Kitchen surfaces, removes body oils and cosmetic oils, Float tanks and hydro baths, Makeup brushes and applicators, latex and facial sponges, dissolves calcium and mineral deposits, exercise equipment, furniture and mats, examinations tables, tweezers, scissors, clippers and nippers and any surface that can tolerate water.


We recommend you use our Universal Nitrile Examination Gloves, AS/NZ, Powder Free which made from non latex synthetic chemical resistant material without natural rubber latex that minimises allergic reactions to the user.  Provide superior resistance to cuts and piercing and 4 times stronger than latex or vinyl gloves.