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Vinyl cleaner empty spray bottle 500ml BEAUTY.GIENE

Vinyl cleaner empty spray bottle 500ml BEAUTY.GIENE
Vinyl cleaner empty spray bottle 500ml BEAUTY.GIENE
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  • Brand: HY.GIENE
  • Model: VCESB500
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100% Biodegradable, 100% Environmentally friendly, non-flammable, non-toxic, non-fuming, non-corrosive, safe on all common surfaces, usable with hard, soft of salt water, safe on paint and acrylic plastic and has no limitation as to frequency of use.

BEAUTY.GIENE is not a soap or detergent based conventional cleaner. Its base is colloidal.  Put simply the term 'colloid' is a word used in chemistry given when very tiny particles of one substance are suspended in another. These tiny particles, which are suspended in water, continually move at random in the water and this is what enables it to clean without the use of ionic surfactants as detergents use. This makes it a highly efficient, safe effective, multi use cleaner.

Use BEAUTY.GIENE with confidence on:

Vinyl Upholstery, Salon equipment & furniture, Sinks, taps, toilets and tiles, Preparation areas, Trolleys, Treatment areas, Floors and walls, Glass surfaces, Wet areas, showers, Vichy showers, Re-usable body wrap blankets and pressure suits, Sauna benches, Steam room surfaces, Spa bath surfaces, Spa systems including pipes and pumps, Pedicure spas, Pedicure and Manicure bowls, Manicure tables, Solariums, Hairdressing sinks and chairs, Salon floors, Kitchen surfaces, removes body oils and cosmetic oils, Float tanks and hydro baths, Makeup brushes and applicators, latex and facial sponges, dissolves calcium and mineral deposits, exercise equipment, furniture and mats, examinations tables, tweezers, scissors, clippers and nippers and any surface that can tolerate water.


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