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Bolsters for the mobile practitioner, clinic and home. Knee and ankle bolsters and pregnancy cushion

Pregnancy Cushion
Production 6 - 7 days
Brand: Meridian Tables Model: P-C
The comfortable design of this bolster ensures stability for growing bellies. There are two bolsters field with bean bag stuffing - joined together with a gap large enough to lie between so the bolsters cannot roll off the table. The body weight of the client insures that the two bolsters stay fixe..
Ex Tax:$230.00
Brand: Meridian Tables Model: B-A/K
The Ankle/Knee Bolster fits under the ankles when lying on your front or under the knees when lying face up.Particularly good for people who are tight in the ankle area. Flat enough to be placed under the head. Available in two options of foam density - multi-purpose and extra soft Dimensions:..
Ex Tax:$70.00
Brand: Meridian Tables Model: B-K
The Knee Bolster fits under the knee for added support and comfort. Dimensions: Width: 16cm Length: 57cm Height: 15cmPrice Including the UltraThane HR best Covid 19 upholstery, sterilisations resistant, skin friendly, lightweight, super soft and oil resistant..
Ex Tax:$70.00
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