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Terry Towelling face hole cover 5 Pack

Terry Towelling face hole cover 5 Pack
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Terry Towelling face hole cover 5 Pack
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Washable (like normal towells) terry towelling covers

Because the design of the face hole is so comfortable in our tables, you need not used rolled up towels to give more support. The support is already there.
Therefore you need only to place a flat towel around the face hole area. We have specially designed the Face hole cover to lie over a full terry towelling cover.
This will save replacing the full body terry towelling cover between clients and is much more well note that the Face hole cover protect the full width of your table and the Body cover.

1. Fit the Terry toweling body cover
over your table. No need to change between clients as you see in next steps.
2. Place the terry toweling face hole cover. Please note that face hole stiching are away from the face so client has only contact with soft flaps. 3. Place your towel over the rest of the table. This way you change only the face hole terry toweling cover and your towel between clients. The Body terry toweling remain untouched

You can choose different colors in the pack - When checking out - in the comments area specify the colors

This product is fully made in Australia by our local community – Moms sewing from home

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