The slim models are made with 30mm thin foam instead the 50mm standard. The slim models are the lightest weight most compact version we make and design for those who need the table to be as compact and little as possible. In order to keep the table comfortable and also available with a face hole (not only headrest extension) we designed a special contoured extra thick 50mm face hole. The models made with nylon mesh instead of plywood base are especially more comfortable as the mesh provides that extra give and softness to soothe the relativity thin foam 
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Slim basic 5kg New

Slim basic 5kg

About this Model: Slim Basic is same table as the Slim Compact yet without the face hole. ..

Ex Tax: $800.00
Slim Compact 5.3kg New

Slim Compact 5.3kg

About this Model: Slim Compact is slimmer, thinner, more compact and lighter then it's original..

Ex Tax: $862.73
Slim 66cm-6.4kg New Production 1-2 weeks

Slim 66cm-6.4kg

About this Model: Slim 66 is slimmer, thinner, more compact and lighter (for mobile practitione..

Ex Tax: $890.00