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Carry Bag Standard
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Brand: Meridian Tables Model: CBS
The Carry Bag Protects your table or chair from knocks and scratches. Helps distribute the weight more evenly taking pressure off the back. There is one strap which goes onto the shoulder or over the head onto other shoulder and another strap on the side of the bag instead of on top, making it..
Ex Tax:$80.00
Carry Belt
In Stock
Brand: Meridian Tables Model: CB
Carry belt for Meridian TablesRemovable carry belt, to help carry your table over your shouldersAttached to the table just like a guitar strap you can easily slip on and off  ..
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Brand: Meridian Tables Model: C-W-R-L
The Castor Wheels Removable Legs is a great attachment option. Perfect practical solution those of you that have a very small room and may need to move the table around whilst treating your client. How does it work: Simply slide out the normal legs and replace them with the new "Castor wheels re..
Ex Tax:$136.00
Changing Mini EasyLift 62cm 8.6kg
New Production 6-8 weeks
Brand: Meridian Tables Model: CHN-MINI-EL62
About this Model: Changing Mini EasyLift 62cm, only portable changing table in the world with Easy Lift Legs - height can be easily adjusted whilst person is on top. No need for electricity or any other power source.. 62cm wide, 167cm long and weighing only 8.6kg, for adults and children with s..
Ex Tax:$1,540.00
Changing Suitcase 5kg
New Production 6-8 weeks
Brand: Meridian Tables Model: CHN-SUIT-5KG
About this Model: As you might of guessed by the name the Suitcase Light is made to fit into a standard traveling luggage suitcase making it the most compact and lightest weight changing table in the world. Specially designed for the overseas travellers or any situation where the table has to b..
Ex Tax:$1,140.00
Changing Table 62cm 6.6kg
New Production 6-8 weeks
Brand: Meridian Tables Model: CHN-62
About this Model: Lightest weight 6.6kg changing table in the world 62cm wide, 167cm long for adults and children with special needs.  Easy and quick to set up and fold away, super comfy and strong 1000kg capacity, comes with standard adjustable height legs 55-80cm (other height ranges ava..
Ex Tax:$1,140.00
Comp Slim Light 5.3kg
Production 6-8 weeks
Brand: Meridian Tables Model: CSL5.3
About this Model: Compact Slim Light is slimmer, thinner, more compact and lighter then it's original shape Compact Atmosphere yet still comfortable and as always super strong and safe (1000kg weight capacity). 30mm thick foam instead of 50mm with mesh underneath so surface is still comfy ... Y..
Ex Tax:$960.00
Compact 5.5kg 12lbs
Production 6-8 weeks
Brand: Meridian Tables Model: COMPM
About this Model: Compact world lightest weight portable massage table 5.5kg 12lbs. This model is made the same way as the Compact table - Just lighter in weight. Made with Mesh Base under the foam instead of the rigid Plywood. Specifications: Weight: 5.5kg Strength: Tested to carry ..
Ex Tax:$1,180.00
Compact Atmosphere 5.4kg
Production 6-8 weeks
Brand: Meridian Tables Model: CA49
About this Model: This model is similar to the Atmosphere 49 - yet shorter by 20cm. Truly compact and lightweight massage table, 49cm wide weighing only 5.3kg. Can be upgraded with side arm wings, EasyLift legs, foot extension, headrest extension and different height legs Specifications: We..
Ex Tax:$1,180.00
Compact Ply
Production 6-8 weeks
Brand: Meridian Tables Model: COMP-T
About this Model: As its name suggests, it's firstly a really compact is so easy and light weight to lug around! Due to its narrow width (47cm), it can be carried as a suitcase i.e. – it can be carried with a straight arm. Even though the "Compact" table is so small and narrow, customer c..
Ex Tax:$930.00
Brand: Meridian Tables Model: C19S
Meridian Tables solutions to protect your clients and yourself from catching and spreading the COVID 19 or any other infections UpholsteryGood news, our most popular upholstery material the UltraThane Supreme HR is not only superior in every other aspect compared with other vinyls and..
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Brand: Meridian Tables Model: EW
EasyWheels Detachable wheels made to carry only Meridian portable massage tables as a trolley. Simply plug it into the mount plate at the rear end of the table (where headrest plugged in) and wheel your table just as a trolley. Lightweight, less than 500g and fit inside your table ..
Ex Tax:$140.00
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