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Carry Bag Large

Carry Bag Large
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Carry Bag Large
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The Carry Bag Protects your table or chair from knocks and scratches.

Helps distribute the weight more evenly taking pressure off the back.

There is one strap which goes onto the shoulder or over the head onto other shoulder and another strap on the side of the bag instead of on top, making it more comfortable to carry.

Made to fit up to up to 68cm wide portable table. The standard size Carry bag fits our "A.I.O Main".

Has one medium size pocket and one small pocket for mobile phone.
Available only in black.

Extra large carry bag

Same principle as the normal size carry bag
Made to fit up to 73cm wide tables - our Deluxe A.I.O and Easy-Lift Tables

Has an extral large side pocket.
Has a softer and more comfortable shoulder strap..

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