Hire massage tables, seated message chairs, stools and accessories.

Delivery and pick up services available

Hiring Meridian Equipment

For hiring of top quality portable tables rates are as below:

1 x day$44
2 x days$55
3 x days$66
5 x days$71
1 x week$77
2 x weeks$126
1 x month$159
3 x months$180
6 x months$260
1 x year$365

We deliver and pick up by courier services. Please ask for a quote.




For hiring of extended head and arm rest and carry bag rates are below:

1 x day$10
2 x days$15
3 x days$17
5 x days$19
1 x week$21
2 x weeks$25
1 x month$35
3 x month$45
6 x month$75
1 x year$88
We deliver and pick up by courier services. Please ask for a quote.






For hiring of easy lift table or Atmosphere models (lightest weight mesh base) rates are below:

1 x day$66
2 x day's$77
3 x day's$88
5 x days$93
1 x week$99
2 x weeks$159
1 x month$199
3 x month$299
6 x month$399
1 x year$699
We deliver and pick up by courier services. Please ask for a quote.





For hiring of gas stools rates are below:


1 x day$15
2 x days$19
3 x days$23
5 x days$26
1 x week$29
2 x weeks$39
1 x month$55
3 x month$99
6 x month$156
1 x year$220


For hiring of Terry toweling covers for portables -  body covers :

1 x day$6
2 x days$7
3 x days$8
5 x days$9
1 x week$10
2 x weeks$16
1 x month$22
3 x month$32
6 x month$42
1 x year$60

Terms and Conditions   
  1.  A deposit of $200 per item is required before release of goods. We will only require your credit card details for this process.
  2. It is the responsibility of the company or persons hiring to make sure that the care instructions that come with the equipment are followed.
  3. If difficulty is experience is using any equipment, please do not force as this could damage equipment.  We are available to help at any time, so please call for assistance. 
  4. If any equipment becomes damaged in any way through misuse or accident, Meridian reserves the right to charge the company/persons for the amount for repair.  This amount will be advised prior to charging. 
  5. All equipment hired remains the property of Meridian unless a hire/buy arrangement has been made prior. 
  6. When returning equipment it is the responsibility of the company/persons hiring to make sure each item is packed appropriately and we are in communication as to when pick up can be arranged if not already discussed at an earlier time.


For further information please:
phone: 02 9542 4900
email - info@meridiantables.com




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