Healing Alchemy Ormus Products

Healing Alchemy Ormus Products

Healing alchemy Ormus products manufacture healthy Organic products infused with Ormus. Include Chocolates, water,  massage oils, creams, tooth paste and mist sprays

According to David Hadson the founder of this substance: "Ormus, also known as ORMEs (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements), white powder gold, m-state elements and monoatomic gold is the same substance that the ancients referred to as manna, shewbread, ch'i, Prana, the Philosopher's Stone, shemanna and the Fountain of Youth".


 “Healing Alchemy” was created by Nevo Yatom as a result of his research into the world of Ormus.
For some time, Nevo has understood the importance of nutrition and herbs in maintaining good health; yet recently, this interest has turned into a passion.

His Ormus journey began when he consulted esteemed naturopath, chiropractor and osteopath Dr Bill Davison (founder of the W.I.N.S. system) for guidance and treatment.  Using kinesiology/muscle testing diagnostics to test for food intolerances (part of the treatment), Dr Davison found that Nevo's body was craving certain herbs, and more specifically, the elixir known as Ormus.

In the subsequent treatments and muscle tests he performed on Nevo, the results were the same- a craving for the mysterious Ormus.  Whilst Dr Davison had only begun his journey with Ormus, he suggested that Nevo do some research on this ancient substance.

Nevo’s research very quickly turned into a passion and this led to a five-month study into the art of making Ormus.  Nevo had already had extensive experience in inventing & creating unique products in the health equipment field (A.I.O, Easy-Lift, Mini-Me, Compact, Vibra-flow Bed, Zen Chair, flexi-wings) - so getting his “hands on” with his new passion was only natural.

Nevo extensively researched the different methods used to make Ormus.  Once he was familiar with the basics of making the ‘wet method’ Ormus, he attempted his first batch. He then took this to be muscle tested by Dr Davison.  Nevo did not expect to get good results very quickly and his first Ormus batch was only 60% desired by his body compared to the Ormus that Dr Davison was using and testing him with.

Not to be deterred, he began experimenting with his own methods and ideas and continued to refine and improve the Ormus making process.  Every night until 3 am he would experiment with different methods and substances and a few weeks later, the new ‘formula’ was born.  The tests showed a staggering improvement and the ‘new’ Ormus was 10% more desired by his body than the Ormus Dr Davison was using (a well respected brand).  As well, the new Ormus tested to be double the strength/concentration of this brand.

To be sure, Nevo purchased another well known brand for further testing and comparison.  In the third batch, after more experimentation, his Ormus had become 30% more desired by his body than the brand Dr Davison was using and 50% more desired by his body than the other well-respected brand on the market.
As well, Nevo began feeling and seeing the positive effects on himself from his own Ormus.  So he decided that it was time to spread the word and offer his Ormus to others. He began offering it to family, friends and colleges… and the results were very positive.   See testimonies (coming soon).

So  this is how “Healing Alchemy” was born.

Nevo does not claim to fully understand this amazing substance. There are other more experienced people that know more about the Ormus than him - but like the rest of his inventions and creations his Ormus is exceptional!

In each product you will find more info and links about the Ormus. As well the net full with much info' and testimonies. it's probably best though to listen to the man who found it first and dedicated his life to research it and bring it to our awareness: Click here to view David Hudson speaks about his discovery