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As its name suggests a compact is so easy and light weight to lug around! Due to its narrow width (49cm), it can be carried as a suitcase i.e. – it can be carried with a straight arm. Even though the "Compact" table is so small and narrow, customer comfort is still maintained thanks to arm rests, wings, a soft face pad and 50mm thick multy purpose foam. This table is great for deep strong body work and the practitioner can even stand above the client and use max weight. Not suitable for every modality and practitioner. Please examine carefully the benefits and limitations of this table before making a decision.

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Comp Slim Light 5.3kg

About this Model: Compact Slim Light is slimmer, thinner, more compact and lighter then it's or..

Ex Tax: $862.73

Compact - 5.5kg

About this Model: This model is made the same way as the Compact table - Just lighter in weight. Mad..

Ex Tax: $862.73

Compact Atmosphere 5.4kg

About this Model: This model is similar to the Atmosphere 49 - yet shorter by 20cm. Truly compact an..

Ex Tax: $862.73

Compact Ply

About this Model: As its name suggests, it's firstly a really compact is so easy and ligh..

Ex Tax: $671.82

Extra wide legs inserts

Extra wide legs inserts for added stability. Great for narrow models like the compact tables or..

Ex Tax: $120.00

Slim basic 5kg

About this Model: Slim Basic is same table as the Slim Compact yet without the face hole. ..

Ex Tax: $800.00
Pregnancy Compact Mesh 7kg Production 1-2 weeks

Pregnancy Compact Mesh 7kg

About this Model: The Pregnancy Compact Mesh model is an extra narrow 49cm and very lightw..

Ex Tax: $1,080.00