Stationary Heavy Duty 73cm wide

Production 1-2 weeks Stationary Heavy Duty 73cm wide

About this Model: Stationary Heavy duty style. It is fixed hight legs, super strong, thick round, stylish legs and simple design with no braces between the legs. Upholstery is attached with elastic and velcro only and easy and quick to replace the vinyl.


  • Weight: 27kg
  • Strength: Tested to carry 10,000kg Static weight. working maximum load is 1000kg
  • Width: 75cm wide including Side Padding System
  • Foam: 75mm thick multipurpose heavy duty premium Foam
  • Height range: Fix height (normally 70cm but you can choose yours)
  • Side Padding System: included
  • Upholstery Style: Elastic Upholstery Vinyl System - Removable
  • Vinyl: 4 Type Options Stock Colours. For more colors option click Here
  • Length: 193cm
  • Face Hole: Super Comfortable Standard Meridian Style
  • Upgrades: Can be upgraded with head/arm rests, foot extension
  • Comes with: mount plate to attach face cradle and armrest
  • Warranty: 10 year structural warranty
  • Suitable for: Spa, deep heavy body work, tantra, flushy clubs, examination and many other modalities
Width including
side padding
Width of structure Length

Standard Height

 Premium Foam
Weight Price  Availab'
HDS75 73cm 60cm 183cm Custom made 75mm 20kg $2600 Two weeks

Top quality, comfort, looks, style, practicality and ease of long term maintenance


  • Table has 4 legs only to maximize clear space underneath without any struts and cross metals or shelves underneath so the practitioner is comfortable and has no limitation of movements and space under the table
  • Although there are only 4 legs the table is still super strong and stable and can take any weight and 'abuse'. This is done due to clever engineering that keeps the table lightweight yet super strong and rigid. We tested the table with 7000kg and still there was no sign of weakness
  • Table is not only super comfy on top it has unique side padding system. There is 75mm thick foam all around the table sides to provides:


  1.  Extra wide surface so clients plenty of arm space, yet it will squash back in when the practitioner rest against it. Although the table is extra wide it will not keep the practitioner away so they have to lean over, bend their back to reach over. The foam will easily squash in when the practitioner lean against it
  2. It looks stylish and rounded and gives your clients a feeling of been looked after and spoiled.
  3. When the clients lay face down they can hang their hands on table sides and the soft side padding system foam will not cut and block blood flow. Its not easy to described but clients will feel it
  • Removable vinyl - exactly for the reason you mentioned Ally that the vinyl is in bad condition and as you know re upholstery can be very expensive exercise especially if you need the table to be picked up. With our removable vinyl system all you need to do is easily take off the old vinyl and replace it with a new one we can send in a small package that is cheap to post. You wont need to get any trades person to come and do it. The vinyl is easy to fit.
  • Face hole and groin hole are super comfy and placed in the correct distance to suit most people. The groin hole is extra long so even if some clients are extra tall or short they can fit
  • Funky rounded legs 100mm dia aluminum tube that we finish with hand artistic brushed look. Each leg is hand made and uniquely done. The table is more like an art work than just another tread of the mill product. The lags and frame will never rust as its all made from aluminium.
  • We can provide you with taylor made Terry towelling fitted ciovers and top Terery sheets that easily placed and replaced and will save much space when you do the towells washing.

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  • Availability: Production 1-2 weeks
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