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Terry Towelling covers - general view
Terry Towelling covers - general view Terry Towelling covers - general view Terry Towelling covers - general view Terry Towelling covers - general view Terry Towelling covers - general view Terry Towelling covers - general view Terry Towelling covers - general view Terry Towelling covers - general view
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Brand: Meridian Tables
Product Code: TTC-GV
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* Terry Towelling Covers:

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Washable (like normal towells) terry towelling covers

Terry Towelling elastic covers have few main functions:

  •     Provide total protection to vinyl from skin and oil...
  •     Provide protection to skin from vinyl...
  •     Provide a non slip surface for towels and disposables

Below are photos and our recommendation for most efficient way of using the terry towelling for every part of your table and accessories. We chose different colours for extra clarity.

1. Fit the Terry toweling body cover
over your table. No need to change between clients as you see in next steps.

2. Place the terry toweling face hole cover. Please note that face hole stiching are away from the face so client has only contact with soft flaps. We recommend you get a pack of 5 or ten of face hole covers.

3. Place your towel over the rest of the table. This way you change only the face hole terry toweling cover and your towel between clients. The Body terry toweling remain untouched

When using the head rest and arm rest we recommend using the face pad terry towelling cover and arm rest terry towelling cover. Please note that face pad is perfectly comfy as it is and adding your own small towels may cause counter effect. Either get extra face pad terry towelling covers or use our disposable covers. If you still insist on using your own towels we recommend extra thin ones and it's always best to test it your self. For ankle support we have the ankle/knee bolster and terry cover. No need to plug the face hole as the bolster covers it.

Body terry towelling covers:
are tailor made for our tables yet will fit over most other portable brands up to 70cm wide. They fit beautifully and will not come off the corners when pulled.  A carefully designed face hole with stitching away from the face and soft sleeves makes the body cover a “must” accessory to have. To save changing the body cover between clients we recommend using the face hole terry towelling cover we design. Our table face holes were designed so well there is no need for any extra cushioning or folding your towels. For wider than 70cm models or any other special request feel welcome to ask. We are geared to custom make any request.  

Helps your towellings from sliding easily & protect your equipment from body and massage oils that cause drying and cracking in vinyl over time.
As our warranty only covers the structure of the table it is important clean oils from equipment even if covered.
As with most of our products we fully make these in house and we use only top quality elastic and terry towelling fabric.

Face cradle and arm rest covers:
fits over our face pads (cradle) and arm rest and is the same for both power lifts and portables.
The cover is very easy to fit and take of. it is secured with two Velcro attachments for the cradle cover and one Velcro attachment for the arm cover.

Face hole covers:
Because the design of the face hole is so comfortable in our tables, you need not used rolled up towels to give more support. The support is already there.

Therefore you need only to place a flat towel around the face hole area. We have specially designed this to lie over a full terry towelling cover.
This will save replacing the full body terry towelling cover between clients and is much more affordable...

This product is fully made in Australia by our local community – Moms sewing from home

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