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Meridian Tables

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Portable Tables

Portable Tables

Meridian manufactur selection of portables so unique you will not find anything close to it anywhere on the market. Check out our Lightest weight portables starting from 6.5kg, The Easy-Lift legs - which allow the height of the table to be easily adjusted whilst the client is on the table. No need for electricity or any other power source. Also Meridian's unique upholstery feature in it's super comfort and side padding system... also check out our Compact models, King extra wide, pregnancy selection and much more. Basically we have no compatition as no one in the world ofer what we do

Please note that each table is a custom made order made by hand (Not a mass production robotic process) and because we offer you so many options and variations we do not keep in stock any model. This means there is a waiting time. We try to finish all orders between 1-2 weeks but in busy times it can take 2-4 weeks or even up to 6 weeks. If your order is urgent please communicate it to us

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Compact Table
Easy-Lift A.I.O Deluxe
EasyLift AIO Main
King - Lift Up Back
King EasyLift 85 - 16kg
King Portable
Pregnancy-Atmosphere 68 Wide 8.5kg
YogaMatt Compact Mesh 4.8kg
All in One Deluxe
Mini-Me 60cm wide Mesh 6.9kg
Mini-Me 60cm wide Ply 8.5kg
All in One Custom Options
Mini-Me 68cm wide Mesh 7.6kg
Mini-Me 71cm wide Mesh 8.3kg
Mini-Me 73cm wide Mesh 8.6kg
Pregnancy hole-plug Mini-Me 60cm wide Mesh 7.5kg
Pregnancy hole-plug Mini-Me 68cm wide Mesh 8.6kg
Pregnancy hole-plug Mini-Me 73cm wide Mesh 9.5kg

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