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Upholstery Options - Dolce (Non Stock Colours)

Upholstery Options - Dolce (Non Stock Colours)
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Dolce "Green Vinyl"

Occasionally a product becomes available
that revolutionises the market and sets new standards
for performance and functionality. Dolce is proof that
technology and product development is alive and well in
commercial upholstery.
Dolce is a premium quality fabric designed to withstand
the abuse of the harshest commercial environment. With
a choice of 28 sophisticated colours and a remarkable
‘lambskin-like’ feel, Dolce will bring comfort and elegance
to any interior.
Dolce is manufactured with a unique water based
Polyurethane system which offers exceptional durability. To
put the performance in perspective, in a typical abrasion
test, Dolce is 5 times more durable than most similar
commercial upholstery fabrics and is supported with a
market leading 7 year hydrolytic stability warranty.
Dolce is protected with the exclusive SilverGuard finish
to provide a fresh, hygienic surface for commercial
upholstery. Based on Silver Ion technology, this highly
effective system controls a wide range of odours, stains
and bacteria creating a fresh environment.
What is SilverGuard?
SilverGuard is a natural and environmentally friendly Silver
Ion additive engineered into the upholstery surface. It has
bacteria fi ghting qualities and inhibits odours and staining.
How does it work?
SilverGuard is highly effective by destroying microorganisms
through multiple paths. SilverGuard attacks the bacteria in
a technical process and is slowly released from its matrix in
the presence of moisture, typically after cleaning. The end
result is antibacterial protection for the life of the product.
Is SilverGuard reliable?
SilverGuard has been proven to be affective through its
antimicrobial properties. It’s safe and effi cient process of
working through years of service ensures odours will diminish
and prevents the promotion of bacteria and mold.

The environment. It’s where we live. It’s where you live.
Dolce is manufactured using a water based polyurethane which in itself is environmentally friendly.
Dolce contains no formaldehyde and is heavy metal & phthalate free. Due to its exceptional life
expectancy, Dolce reduces the need for constant replacement extending the products potential
lifecycle. When the time does fi nally come, there are opportunities for polyurethane to be converted into
other useful commodities. To ensure Dolce leaves the smallest possible footprint on the environment,
several steps have been taken to ensure an eco-friendly production process. The manufacturing facility
is equipped with state of the art technology that efficiently makes use of natural resources and almost
completely eliminates emissions complying with the most stringent international

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