Pinnacle Avena Sativa

Pinnacle Avena Sativa

Pinnacle Avena Sativa Plus is a liquid herbal blend traditionally used as a natural aphrodisiac and vitaliser.  Pinnacle Avena Sativa Plus’s natural herbal formula works two ways: first by increasing energy, drive and secondly, by calming any nervous tension and anxieties that may hinder sexual performance.
Herbal Ingredients

Avena Sativa (Wild Oats) – Traditionally used to stimulate the nervous system leading to a sense of well-being and increased energy & vitality. Releases bound testosterone in your body which is responsible for stimulating sexual activity in both men and women.
Passion Flower & Valerian – Traditionally used to relieve anxiety & nervous tension and soothes muscle tension. Helps your body and mind relax.
Adults 1ml (one full dropper) in water or juice 3-4 times per day. For faster absorption place liquid directly under tongue


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