Side Padding System Blog

Posted by Nevo 20/08/2019 0 Comment(s) Meridian portables features,

The side padding system is another unique feature that only Meridian tables provide. It allows Meridian tables to be suited to any modality and at the same time provides the utmost comfort for both the practitioner and the client.



Choosing the right width for your table can be a confusing decision. The Unique system of “side padding” – provides the solution to that dilemma. Normally there is a conflict between practitioner & client needs over the width of the table. In general, practitioners prefer narrow tables for better access, while clients prefer wide surfaces for comfort and arm space. The side padding system lets the practitioner get close access & maintain correct posture while leaning against the spongy 7cm foam on each side of the table yet at the same time provides the client with a 13-15cm wider and more luxurious surface. For example: in one of our most popular models "Atmosphere 68" – the total width including the side padding is 68cm and the structural width is 55cm. What that means is that as far as the client is concerned the table is 68cm wide, yet as far as the practitioner is concerned the table’s width is only 55cm wide (when leaning against it and squashing the foam back to the structural frame.​




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