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Meridian Tables is the only company in the world that truly manufactures lightweight massage tables. Large range of custom made models, sizes and styles from 4.8kg and the average our full-size portables is between 6kg - 7.7kg. 

Not only they are so lightweight, but all Meridian tables are also tested to hold over 1000kg static weight and we allow up to 300kg working weight as part of our warranty. Also, each part of the table is well thought of to minute details to help with clients comfort and at the same time innovative functions to help you the practitioner. 

but before we continue let's have a look at our range of models and weights:


Yoga Matt Models - From 4.8kg

Suitcase models - From 5kg
Slim Models - From 5kg
Compact models - From 5.5kg
Mini Atmosphere models - From 5.6kg

Atmosphere models - From 6kg


Mini-Me models - From 6.6kg
Pregnancy models - From 7kg
Easy Lift models - From 7.3kg
King Extra-wide 85cm models - From 7.9kg


  • Perfected super comfy face hole - the face hole is the most important part of the table client comfort-wise. If something is not comfortable there it's far more noticeable for the client than other parts of the table. Most practitioners place face cushion or roll a towel to make it comfortable however it lifts the client's forehead up and create a 'kink' in the neck. Not good posture. We perfected the face hole so all you have to do is use our special designed terry-towelling body and face hole covers and it is perfect for most body and face shapes. 
  • Luxurious Side padding system 
  • Choice of different legs height range: 41-64cm, 55-8-cm, 60-85cm
  • Easy lift legs upgrade on the purchase or anytime after-sale
  • All models can be enhanced with headrest and armrest extension, footrest and other upgrades
  • Custom made variations to suit your specific needs. 
  • UltraThane oil-resistant super comfy skin-friendly upholstery that can be even used for Kahuna types of modalities where upholstery is exposed for skin contact and oils.  
  • All our tables can be used as matrasses - most other massage tables brands have a cable legs system that forces the table to close when folding the legs. Ours does not. On any Meridian table, you can fold the legs in but the table's body still stays flat and can be used as matress 

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