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Easy Lift - a world only portable massage table that functions as power-lift



Easy-Lift legs are an invention exclusive to Meridian Tables allowing the height of our portable tables to be easily adjusted whilst the client is on the table. No need for electricity or any other power source. The Easy-Lift legs are fitted to most of our portable tables. 



The way it works - a gas spring on each side of the table does most of the work just like a boot of a car. All you have to do as a practitioner is press on the paddle/handle with your foot and with both hands pull the table up or push down. The moment you take your foot of the paddle the legs lock up. for extra security and rigidity lock the clamp leaver just as on pushbike seat. 


The Easy Lift legs can be fitted on any Meridian portable table/width/variation as long as it has a face hole. Models like the Mini Me which only have headrest extension will not be suitable as the extended headrest is in the way when you change the table's height. The Easy Lift legs add approx 2kg to the weight of the table so be mindful of that and here comes the beauty part - you can order your prefered model with our standard adjustable height legs and later on, we can replace and upgrade them with the Easy Lift legs at no penalty extra cost. It would cost you the same to get your table fitted with the Easy Lift legs or get them fitted later on.  The reason we do that is that most practitioners begin their career doing mobile work and the weight of the table can be more important at that stage than the advantages the Easy Lift legs provide. Later on, you can contact us for the upgrade which we can arrange the pickup and delivery back to you.  


For example. You can order the Atmosphere 73cm wide - 7.7kg:


And when you are ready, arrange with us a suitable time for the Easy Lift upgrade:



The models you can get with the Easy Lift legs are:


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