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andalwood Essential Oil is used by aromatherapists to combat Bronchitis, chapped and dry skin, depression, laryngitis, leucorrhea, oily skin, scars, sensitive skin, stress, and stretch marks. It also has historical applications as an aid in meditation for religious ceremonies. Sandalwood aroma is believed to create an exotic, sensual mood with a reputation as an aphrodisiac. It also has extensive uses in the perfume industry as a fixative, and use in body care products for the fragrance it provides. 

Santalum spicatum, Australian Sandalwood

While Australia has five native species of sandalwood, only two are considered commercially important, S. spicatum and S. lanceolatum. The wood of both species was exported starting in the early 1800s, much of it to China. As demand grew and supplies of other sandalwoods dwindled, more and more trees were cut for export. The government in Australia first attempted to control the harvest of trees with the Western Australian Sandalwood Control Act of 1929. Also around this time, essential oil production from S. spicatum was systemized enough to control the quality so that it was considered therapeutically equivalent to East Indian oil. In 1932 S. spicatum was added to the British Pharmacopoeia.

S. spicatum or Western Australian sandalwood was originally found across a large area of Western Australia from the arid interior to the woodlands. It is a small tree that grows to 20 feet tall. Australian sandalwood begins to bear fruit at 5 to 10 years of age, with flowering beginning in March or April. Trees mature much faster where there are higher levels of moisture (30 years to maturity) than in the dry regions (where trees may take 50 or more years to mature). Early over-harvesting and the conversion of forest to farmland in the regions with higher rainfall has eliminated most of the sandalwood trees in the area. Much of the replanting being done is in this region (the wheat belt) where the higher rainfall provides a better chance of success. Control of the sandalwood harvest and encouragement of plantation planting by the Western Australia government are being used to ensure a sustainable supply of Australian sandalwood.

The steam-distilled Australian sandalwood essential oil has chemical components similar to Indian sandalwood, but there are differences in levels of those constituents and in their respective aroma profiles. The most significant difference in make-up is that Indian sandalwood has much higher levels of santalol (25 to 30% versus 60 to 70%). The difference in the aroma of the two oils is most pronounced in the top note. Australian sandalwood has a more resinous, drier and less sweet top note than Indian sandalwood. The aroma of the two oils becomes more alike in the middle notes--and the all-important base notes are almost identical. In aromatherapy, Australian steam distilled sandalwood essential oil can be used the same as Indian sandalwood.

There are two types of Australian sandalwood oil being sold, one a true steam distilled essential oil and another that is solvent extracted or co-distilled oil. The co-distilled oil is produced by extracting ground sandalwood with hexane to create an oleoresin. The separation of the oil from the oleoresin ocurs during co-distilling under vacuum with a co-distilling agent and finally it is rectified. Steam distilled oil is produced using only heat and produces a oil that is more complex and characteristic of sandalwood. Aura Cacia sells only true steam distilled sandalwood essential oil.

Santalum spicatum
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