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Portable Tables

Portable Tables:  Meridian manufactur selection of unique portables that can't be found anywhere on the market. Lightest weight portable massage tables starting from 6kg, Easy-Lift legs which allow the height of the table to be easily adjusted whilst the client is on the table, unique super comfy upholstery feature - SidePadding system... Compact models, extra wideand deluxe models, pregnancy and much more.

Lightest massage Tables Lightweight portable massage tables is our speciality. We make and offer many models but what make us truly stand out and lead the world market of portable massage tables is this collection. To best present our lightest portables click here and explore an easy simple summury site dedicated to only our lightest models.
Power lift Tables Power Lift Tables: Large selection of high quality powerlift tables fully manufactured here in Australia by Meridian and some together in partnership with other local manufacturers. Our range includes Treatment tables, Beauty industry tables, examination, economy, podiatry, lucsurious, pregnancy, speciality, rehabilitation, side padding system, terry towelling and accessories...and any custom request you may have.
Stationary Tables

Stationary Tables: High quality selection of one piece top Heavy duty fixed legs or stationary one piece top with folded legs. Both options are made with Meridian's top quality lightweight, strong, long lasting and innovative design frame structure and our super comfy unique upholstery system

Accessories Accessories: Meridian manufacture and sourse high quality selection of accessories for both the clients and the practitioner. Our accessories include - Terry towellings, natural vegtable high quality carrier oils, disposables, Charts, books and related education items, saddle stools, smudge and incense products, hot/cold packs, Rub on skin magnesium products, Ormus infused massage oil blends, mostturising candles and more...
Speciality Speciality: Unique VibraFlow tables that design to 'kick start' and boosts the life force and energy flow in your system, metal fabrication department called ADCO which not only make all Meridian equipment but also contract out other Aluminium welding and fabrication jobs. We also make unique selection of Tantra tables for the sensual industry.
Natural Health Products:  We make our own unique range of Ormus products which aim at correcting DNA damages and restorng ones health to the original state. These include yummy healthy chocolats, refreshing Mist sprays, beautiful skin 'milk' products and more. We also brings in a collection of great natural health products, high quality essential oils, Pinnacle range products, Organic herbs, super foods, Detox, natural body care and beauty range and healthy snack


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