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Lightest Weight Massage Tables

Lightest Weight Massage Tables

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Meridian manufacture the lightest weight portable massage tables in the world. You may wonder if being so lightweight there will be compromise on strength, comfort or durability? well no. Our lightweight portables are as strong, comfy, durable and upgradable as any other model we make...and even more. The mesh base (underneath the foam) allows extra comfort without the need for thick heavy foams. The mesh base produces a deluxe and comfy feel even with lighter weight standard thickness foam.

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Atmosphere 60cm wide 6.9kg
Atmosphere 68 Wide 7.6kg
Atmosphere 71cm Wide 8.3kg
Atmosphere 73cm Wide 8.6kg
Atmosphere King EasyLift 85 - 12.5kg
Atmosphere-EasyLift 60 - 8.5kg
Atmosphere-EasyLift 68 - 9.6kg
Atmosphere-EasyLift 71 -10.3kg
Atmosphere-EasyLift 73 -10.8kg
Compact Atmosphere 6.3kg
Compact Mesh 6.5kg
Mini-Me 60cm wide Mesh 6.9kg
Mini-Me 68cm wide Mesh 7.6kg
Mini-Me 71cm wide Mesh 8.3kg
Mini-Me 73cm wide Mesh 8.6kg
Atmosphere King 85cm Extra wide 10.5kg

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