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Jade's Organic Home Made Popcorn

Jade's Organic Home Made Popcorn

Jade is a 14 years teen who mastered the art of yummy healthy popcorn making.

Every morning Jade has been making her own popcorn for school lunch and after many experiments she finaly 'nailed' a mouth watering olive oil, slow cooked, full of flavour and 'buttery' like texture popcorn.

Jade been sharing her popcorn with school friends and the growing 'demand' has reached a point Jade decided to take her Popcorn making to a new level and offer it to all.

Although the popcorn is healthy and organic it is not 'dry' as many other healthy popcorns. Special methods insure extra 'Buttery' texture yet its all made with the healthy organic olive oil.

The ingredients are all organic and the salt Jade uses is Pink Hymalaian salt

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