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Ormus SmoothieSkin

Ormus SmoothieSkin

Only natural, nurturing ingredients used in our new face and body lotion that will leave your skin feeling  soft and calm. This is one of our best creations at Healing Alchemy and we are so excited by the feedback we are getting from our clients so far! They are blown away by how soft and hydrated their skin feels after using SmoothieSkin and then there is the added surprise of the calming affect it has on their mood! The SmoothieSkin combines a skin nourishing blend of of Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Jojoba, Ormus Water, list the essential oils: Australian SandalwoodYlang ylangRoman Chamomile, Damask Rose, FrankincenseMyrrhGerman Chamomile- specifically designed to repair, revive and sooth the skin, relax the nerves and emotions all with the benefit of the health restoring effects of Ormus. No chemicals, emulsifiers, preservatives, colourings or anything not pure and natural is used in this wonderful yummy face body lotion

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