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Detox, Health and beauty

Detox, Health and beauty

Detox products and Health
From the Famous pinnacle herbal clinic
All Ormus products are a great aid to detox the system too

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Buffered Vitamin C Powder with Hesperedin & Minerals 200g
Calcium Powder 100g - LifeStream
Calcium Powder 250g - LifeStream
Colloidal Minerals XL with Fulvic Acid 500ml
Colloidal Silver 200ml - Reach For Life
Colloidal Silver 500ml - Reach For Life
Colloidal Silver 50ml - Reach For Life
Detox Foot Patches 15 Pairs
Detox Foot Patches 5 Pairs
Ear candles 1 Pair
Ear candles 12 Pairs
Ear candles 2 Pairs
Ear candles 24 Pairs
Ear candles 4 Pairs
MAGNESIUM GEL+ Ultra 237ml
Magnesium Lotion  - Ancient Minerals
Magnesium Oil 125ml - Ancient Minerals

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